Sensor, vandtemperatur, M10x1.0, 40-120°C (type IV)

Sensor, vandtemperatur, M10x1.0, 40-120°C (type IV)

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Føler/giver til kølevandstemperatur. Med et udtag til kølevandstemperaturinstrument (type IV).
Dimensioner M10x1.0

One pin alarm water temperature sensor for generator (type IV), M10x1.0, 40-120°C (no alarm).

Technical Data:
• Main material:Brass for main body and double metal plate for alarm switch
• Rated voltage:6V-24V
• Rated power for alarm switch:1.2W-3W
• The temperature alarm tolerance:±3°C
• Measuring temperature range:40~120°C
• Protection range:IP67
• Rated power for alarm switch:Minimum 3 minutes after power supply electrified.
• Type of alarm touch:The switch turns off when the temperature rises
• Sensors with alarm features has double metal plate connectors.