Sensor, olietryk,1/4

Sensor, olietryk,1/4"-NPT - 5 eller 10 bar, til instrument og alarm (0,8 bar)

179,00 DKK



Føler/giver til olietryk, 0-5 eller 0-10 bar. Med to udtag til olietrykinstrument og til alarm (lys/lyd) ved lavere tryk end 0,8 bar.

Dimensioner: NPT1/4" - connector B.

Technical Data:
• Operating voltage:6~24V
• Conducting power: < 5W
• Operating temperature: -25 ~120°C(120°C MAX 1H)
• Measuring range: 0~5Bar or 0~10Bar
• Alarm: 0.8Bar
• Output signal: Standard resistance value: 10~184Ω
• Protection rank: IP66
• It combines the advantages of excellent anti-vibration performance, long service life, simple assembly, stable quality, wide range of operating temperature, etc.
• Application: It is widely applied to many fields, such as the engine pipe of vehicle and ship, water processing project, inspection and control of industrial process, hydraulic and pneumatic control project, etc.